reflective report怎么写 减肥的方法 how to lose weight

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Inrecent years, the number of people who try their best to lose weight has been increased,especially female. However, some people are so desired to be slim that they getsome disease. So there is no doubt that it is important to find scientific andfunctional ways to lose weight. Here are some tips which can be followed.

First,have an optimistic attitude towards your weight and you should believe thatafter some efforts you will lose weight. Do not too long for being slim becauseit is a process and nobody can succeed during one night.

Second,it is essential to keep on a diet. Going on a diet in a scientific way will dosomething good for your final goal. For instance, enrich the breakfast and eatless at lunch and dinner. Besides, eating some fruits and more vegetable ishelpful.

Third,do regular exercise. Regular exercise will not only make you healthy but alsoprovide you a good mood. Remember, doing regular exercise is one of the most importanttips for losing weight.

Sothese are three tips for losing weight and they will do well in losing weight. Ifyou follow them, you can achieve your final goal sooner or later.


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