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商务礼仪论文 稍安勿躁,任它去 let it be, let it go

Haveyou ever worry about some rumors about you? Do you feel sad about wheneveryou remember the people who hurt you badly? Have you get tired ofhearing your parents said your classmates are better than you in study, or thekids in the neighborhood find a good job while you are not. You think you arein a pathetic predicament because you care too much about others eyes,especially from the one you love.


Lifeis too short to live happy, you are who you are. You don’t have to pay too muchattention to the opinion from others about you, whether it is good or bad. Ifit is praise, you will feel happy and your self-confidence will be increased. Butif it is detraction, you might feel horrible, and you may self-deprecation.


Whyshould we care about that? Why can’t we live just the way we are? Because thereare too many social rules that restrain us. We have to study hard in order tobe able to get a good job; we have to smile all the time in order to makepeople feel you are kind to everyone, even the one who is mean to you. You haveto earn piles of cash so that give your parents “face”.


Ina word, it is all the matter of face, such as school thinks long good-lookingface, and the office has a rich have found that, in the face of love is face. Ithink it is time for us to lay down our face, live the way we are, don’t livein other’s eyes. Just be yourself, you will feel happier than before.


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