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商务英语论文 网上购物 online shopping

With the rapid development of our society, more and more people are fond of online shopping for its convenience. Online shopping has been a heated fashion. But different people have different views on this point. After all, every coin has two sides.


Online shopping has advantages as well as disadvantages. Firstly, nowadays, the Internet has become a must. As convenient as it is, people depend on online shopping as it caters for those who are busy with work or other things. And it can help us save much money, which is cheaper than what we buy in the physical store. What’s more, it contributes the Internet to the further development.


However, it is also a risk of online shopping as we pay the bill online by our credit cards, we may be cheated by the dishonest shoppers. Sometimes the quality of what we buy online is much worse than we could imagine.


In my opinion, when we are shopping online, we should keep wise to prevent us from treating. And we’ll find that online shopping has advantages over disadvantages.


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