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电影学论文代写 The Background Of Cubism

电影学论文代写 The Background Of Cubism

The Cubism was found in 1908 by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. They analysis the 3D subjects to fragmented and redefined from different ways at the same time, the artists draw the objects in many angles and place them in the drawing to show the integral of the object. The Cubism people believed that this is a new way of representing the world.

There are two phases of Cubism, analytical and synthetic; analyzing the elements of the objects, then, the elements were re-built up for the new drawing.

After the World War I, the point of view of the Europeans’ changes a lot. The traditional things were replaced by the new things and new thoughts, also, many artists changed their views of the world, and the traditional views of the world were shattered.

there are three steps of the development of Cubism, first is during 1907 to 1909, it was the early times of Cubism, during this period, the artists focus on the shapes of the objects more than the lights, shadows and the colours, they use the a lot of the geometry shapes in the drawings.

the second period from 1909 to 1912, Cubism went into the analytical period, there are more angles of the objects in the drawings, the cubism people believed that analysis the object is the gist of Cubism.

From 1912 to 1914, this is the period of synthetically time of Cubism, the artists began to emphasize the overall effect of the drawings, and they use the rich colours and the shapes of the objects to create the drawings.

This is ‘The three musicians’ of Picasso in 1921, this is a drawing of Cubism, it can be seen that, the image was build up by the geometric shapes, also Picasso uses the many colours in this drawing.

The cubists pursue the aesthetic of geometric graphics, they deny the traditional way of painting, they drew the 3D objects to the flat surface, and they thought this is a new way of seeing things in art.

Pablo Picasso was born on 1881, Spain. His father was a professor in an art school, that influences Picasso in his art study, and he went to his father’s art school when he was 14. He went to Paris when he was 19, and it became his poverty, cold and desperation times, he lived with poor conditions, and without money. his work at that time were influenced by his life, he uses more cold colours in his work and make the audiences feel dejected.

This is the drawing of ‘The old Guitarist’ of Picasso in 1903, this is his early time’s work, the drawing uses the blue tones and reflect his feeling during that time, the cold colour and the position of he guitarist show the negative emotions of Picasso.

This is the ‘Girl with a Mardolin’ of Picasso in 1910. This is a drawing of early time of Cubism, even Picasso used geometric shapes to re-built the girl, the girl and the mardolin are still can be recognized.

Georges Braque was born in 1882, he and Picasso are the pioneers of the Cubism, in 1907, Georges met Pablo, and they worked together two years later. Braque was good at drawing inanimate object and find out the geometric shapes from the objects.

This is an art work which did by Braque in 1911. The name of the drawing is ‘Pedestal table’ however it is hard to recognize the table and the other objects. This is a typical art work of cubism. Because all the objects were combine with the geometric shapes.

This is another Braque’s work of cubism which finished in 1929. The name of this drawing is ‘The day’ In this drawing, the objects can be recognized, however, the piece of background and a part of guitar are drawn by the geometric figures.

Cubism now is not only working with the drawing, also in many areas. For example, it is now used in the interior design.

This is a kitchen of cubism, the designer use the geometric graphics as the cabinets. it is decorated with green, and it gives the residents the fresh and vitality.

The cubism also influenced in the fashion world, this is a dress with cubist, this dress was designed in 2012, and the designer used simple colour which are black and white; and the geometric graphics (circles and oblong shapes) in this dress. The elements of cubism make the dress a vintage style and it makes people feel tersely and elegant.

电影学论文代写 The Background Of Cubism


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