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新西兰论文代写 自荐信 self-recommendation

Dear Manager,


Thanks for reading my resume. My name is Daniel, an undergraduate from Hunan Normal University. I apply for the position that you offer in your company’s website. My major is Chemistry. I chose it as my major because I think chemistry plays an important part in our daily life. Once I was a little boy, I liked using my head. I always keep this good habit wherever I go. Thus I always can think some effective ways to handle the difficult problems.


I studied hard at school, so I got the bachelor’s degree. During four years learning in university, I have not only learned a lot of useful knowledge, but also improved my comprehensive abilities. What’s more, I go in for English so much and work very hard on it. Because of my diligence, I have already passed CET-6. By the way, I also learned some computer skills in my free time, making me an expert on computer.


At last, I’m eager for the chance that you are going to give me. Although I have just left school with little experience, I still have confidence in myself, since I’m a person with a great will. I enjoy challenging my life. I think I’m responsible and conscientious. Believe me, I’ll do everything to the best of my ability.


Sincerely yours,





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