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英国代写论文 快餐之我见 my view on fast food

Fastfood becomes more popular now, especially among the teenagers and the children.Why do so many people like fast food?


Forone thing, it’s very fast and convenient. It always serves in no time, so wecan either eat it in the restaurant or take it away. For another, because ofthe different ways of cooking, it looks nice and tastes delicious. What’s more,the service and environment is good, so that we can have our dinner in a happymood.


However,in terms of nutrition, it’s far from satisfactory. Most fast food is junk food.It contains so much sugar and fat, which makes us put on weight so easily.Since the westerners have the fast food every day, most of them have heavyweights, high blood pressure and bad teeth.


Therefore,I suggest that we should eat less fast food but more nutritious dishes.


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