Coursework 代写 投诉信a letter of complaint

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You have bought a brand-new computer in a store. But much to your disappointment, it could not be properly operated when you got it back. Write a letter to the manager:
  1) giving complaints,
  2) describing the problems,
  3) and asking for some compensations.

Dear manager,

  I write this letter to you to make some complaints about the computer I bought in your store yesterday afternoon. There' s something wrong with it. That makes me extremely unhappy.

  The computer cannot be properly shut down when I got it back to the office. When I click the shutdown button, it seems that the machine gives no response. And I'm so annoyed with it.


  It's obvious that you didn' t carefully examine the machine before you sold it. I think your store should take full responsibility for selling me the defective machine. I insist that you give me a satisfactory reply. I do want you to give back my money as soon as possible.


 Sincerely yours,


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