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Customers prefer McDonalds as their fast food in Kampar because of the wide variety of products it offers, where it allows customers to have a wider choice in making decisions and choose on what to eat. McDonald’s in Kampar offers products ranging from burgers to fried chicken, chicken muffins to nuggets, French fries to apple pies, and ice-cream to milkshakes along with beverages ranging from Coke to Pepsi, Sprite to Honey Dew, and Milo to coffee. Besides, McDonald’s in Kampar is now introducing a Vegan Menu for customers who are vegetarian as well as the ‘Double Sundae Cone’ for students who often drop by at McDonalds during lunch hour (For the review of Double Sundae Cone, see appendix C). In addition, McDonald’s in Kampar often aims at receiving customers’ feedbacks to continuously improve its product’s quality and also service where in return, it would become a preferred fast food for consumers in Kampar. With a wide variety of product choices offered and by continuously improving its products’ quality, McDonald’s Kampar has made it tough for customersnot to choose to dine in at other fast food joints.


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