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暴君行为别人可能认为这是帝国主义,因为一个私人自由集中所有的力量作为帝国的皇帝在个人领域。不干涉原则,主权的权利可以侵犯属于自由派的好处不文明国家的个人的自由。我们可以认为,这一原则等所有帝国主义属性,当他们使用武力干预有整个国家的控制,“构成imperialism”的基本性质;(Bannet扬)。因为它发生在1885年,“柏林Conference”建立殖民地,而受益的经济不发达国家和非洲人民的自由,他们提议。自由州来到非洲和主导整个国家:改变地图的新边界,控制的经济关系。他们成为了非洲的所有者,寻找成长的市场。我们不能认为这种行为是解放压迫或教化这些城镇,恰恰相反,可能被视为一个压迫者进行统治的神圣罗马帝国征服法国或英国。在这种情况下,欧洲国家的巨大控制器未开化的非洲城镇,穆勒写道“文明country” semi-barbarous依赖;,由威廉·l·兰格视为帝国主义。马克思的殖民主义是资本主义的影响。


The despot behaviour could see it as imperialist because one private others to be free concentrating all the powers as the emperor in the empire to domain over individuals. The principle of non-intervention and the right of sovereignty could be violated belong liberals in benefit of the liberty of the individuals in uncivilized nations. We could argue, this principle has all the imperialist attributes such as, when they intervene they use the force to have the whole state control, “which constitutes the fundamental nature of imperialism” (Bannet Jahn.). As it happened in 1885, with “The Berlin Conference” that was the creation of colonies, which benefited the economies of developed countries and no the liberty of African people, as they proposed. Liberal states arrived to Africa and dominated the whole country: changing the map with new borders, taking control of the economic relations among others. They became the owners of Africa, looking for grow of their markets. We could not consider this behaviour as liberation from oppression or the way to civilize these towns, it is the opposite, could be seen as an oppressor conduct of domination as the Holy Roman Empire did to conquer France or Britain. In this case, Europe states were the huge controller of uncivilized African towns, as Mill wrote “semi-barbarous dependency by a civilized country”, considered as imperialist by William L. Langer. The colonialism to Marx was the effect of the capitalism.


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