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代写paper 大学生村官 college graduates work as village officials

Ascompetition for jobs is getting tougher in China, an increasing number ofcollege graduates choose to leave the large cities for countryside to work asvillage officials. People’s opinions toward it differ sharply. As far as I amconcerned, it is a wise choice to work as village official in countryside.

Inthe first place, college graduates can apply their professional knowledge toconstruct countryside and make a great contribution to its development. Theycan introduce some new concepts in developing and managing countryside so thatthe gap between large cities and countryside can be narrowed. Second, collegegraduates also get some benefits from working as village officials. It providesa good stage for them to project and achieve their value. In addition, it reducesthe competition for jobs in large cities to some extent that college graduateschoose to work as village officials. Some college graduates work in the countrysideand others work in large cities so that the competition between city andcountryside can keep balance to some extent.

Ina word, it is a good and wise choice for college graduates to work as villageofficials and more graduates should be given chance to serve countryside.



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