History Assignment 代写 大学新生活 my first term in university

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How time flies! My first term inthe University elapses quickly and imperceptibly. During this time, there aremany meaningful things that impress me deeply.


At the beginning of the firstterm, it was fortunate for me to be admitted into the school art association.In this group, I meet many interesting classmates and make friends with them.Our school wants to popularize art among the students, so there will be some artshows in the theater. It is time that we should do something. Moving props ismy main work. Although sometimes it makes me feel tired and exhausted, I amstill very happy to do this. By the way, I have watched many large performingteams, like NTCC and The Central Opera House. Their performances were sowonderful and impressive.


I also took part in some classactivities. I could remember that I went to Aliyun Company as a volunteer.There was a big meeting held by this company. So our duty was to keep order. Duringthe meeting I met many CEO's and CTO’s. Their speeches were so interestingthough I did not know what they said at times.


In a summary, I have spent a veryfulfilling and significant time in last term. I also have learned a lot fromthe teachers and classmates. It is a good chance to improve my skills and widenmy horizons. I should still work hard in next term.