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论文的英文 父母应不应该替孩子买房should parents buy apartments for children

In recent years, Chinese housing pricesbecome higher and higher, whether own a room, has become a standard ofmeasuring one’s financial capacity ability. Most young people are justgraduated, and can not afford a house. Under this background, parents helpingtheir children buy a house in China has become a new "tradition." Inmy opinion, parents can provide help for children to buy a house, but there isno obligation to buy a house for the children.


First, young people should learn more, payattention to accumulate more experience, instead of concerning with material conditions.They could rent house first, while they have enough money, they could buy thehouse they want. China’s housing prices generally very expensive, especiallyfront-line cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai. And not every family has thecondition for their children to buy a house, so young people should change theconcept of depending on their parents, and fight for their own financial independence.Second, parents always give without asking return in the process of childrengrowing up. When the youth grow up, they should return parents and give themmore care, rather than further request. Finally, to buy a house will bringyoung people a certain amount of pressure, but pressure is power, it will spurmore ambitious young people and mark them work harder.


In summary, parents should give childrenmore space and time to be independent, as well as youth. If they decide to buyan apartment, they should take their present financial condition intoconsideration.


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