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论文怎么写 关于家庭,朋友,事业的英语作文family, friends, career

In a sense,the life of each of us is made up of family, friends and career. If any of them is lacking,our life is not intact and we may feel embarrassed, regretful, or even painful.


One’s family is his harhour where he can rest and relax himself when he sails home through winds and waves of the outside world. One’s friends are his most trustworthy and most valuable companions. He and his friends will help and encourage each other on the long journey of life. One’s career is the reflection of his talent and value which he offers society. So we can say that one’s family, friends and career are just what support him in this world and make him feel happy, safe and important.


Anyone who longs for a delightful life should cherish his family, take sincere care of friendship and devote himself to his career.