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Unilever had the daunting task of distributing to 75,000 small outlets in the Northeast. For this it relied on its existing network of generalist wholesalers and sometimes also on secondary, smaller local wholesalers. This however increased their cost. It also had the option of contracting with the specialized distributors.

Ace is of the superior quality and is still sold at a lower price than its second brand. Through research and development, their strategy would be to improve the price and the perceived quality of Bold and Ace which is in competition with Minerva and Omo respectively.

G is a market challengers which is aggressively trying to extend its market share. It has specific challenger strategies like value price goods and services and improved services. The advertising is not very effective as the consumers don’t have much knowledge or a top of the brand awareness as compared to the other brands in the market. Like most of the products of Unilever their products are also positioned depending on the target customers. Two of their main products are positioned similar to Unilever’s products e.g. Bold and Pop whereas Ace is positioned as a superior whiteness source.


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