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腐败的主要问题仍然是印度的政治体系。全球腐败监控机构“透明国际”腐败定义为“为以权谋私的滥用”(透明国际,2009年,p . 14)。他们最近出版,全球腐败气压计(透明国际,2009 b,5 – 6页)揭示了政治领域全球最腐败。印度发现特定的回声一样的思想和政治领域分类最腐败。中的腐败政党和公务员等机构大大影响了业务。商人经常处理贿赂而与政府互动机制。然而,政府愿意处理腐败。印度已经签署了《联合国反腐败公约》,2005年亚太区ADB-OECD反腐败行动计划在2001年但仍长一段路要走。


Corruption continues to be the major problem in the political system of India. Transparency International, the global corruption-monitoring agency defines corruption as “The abuse of entrusted power for private gain” (Transparency International, 2009a, p. 14). Their recent publication, Global Corruption Barometer (Transparency International, 2009b, p. 5-6) reveals the political sector as the most corrupt across the globe. The findings specific to India echo the same thought and classify the political sector as the most corrupt.The corruption within institutions such as the political parties and the civil servants greatly affects the business. The businesspersons often deal with bribery while interacting with the government machinery. However, the government is willing to deal with the corruption. India has signed the UN convention against corruption in 2005 and ADB-OECD Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia-Pacific in the year 2001 but still its long way to go.


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