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李的圣人,安永的全球领导者,年轻LLP的汽车咨询实践中,互联网是有尽可能多的对汽车工业的影响亨利•福特(Henry Ford)的质量营销和生产方法在1920年代所做的。汽车公司的一个原因是互联网吸引了潜在的是,遵循的一些原则,迈克尔·戴尔认为可以有效地使用汽车制造商。尽管企业很难改变,实现战略性竞争力需要开发和使用不同的管理心态。这是真的离开世界的一些汽车制造商,为人们在整个全球经济领先的公司。大多数顶级经理认识到需要改变自己的心态,但许多犹豫地这么做。欧洲的一个主要的美国公司的CEO,“这是对我们所有人来说更让人放心,待我们,即使我们知道结果将某些失败的. .比进入一种新的工作方式,当我们无法确定它会成功的。


In the words of Lee Sage, the global leader of Ernst & Young LLP’s automotive consulting practice, ‘the Internet is going to have as much of an impact on the automobile industry as Henry Ford’s mass merchandising and production methods did in the 1920s’. One reason car companies are intrigued by the internet potential is that, by following some of the principles that Michael Dell thinks could be used usefully by automobiles manufacturers. Although corporations are difficult to change, achieving strategic competitiveness requires development and the use of a different managerial mindset. This is true both for those leaving some of world’s automobile manufacturers and for people leading a host of companies throughout the global economy. Most top level managers recognize the needs to change their mindsets, but many hesitate to do so. In the words of European CEO of a major US company, ‘ it is more reassuring for all of us to stay as we are, even though we know the results will be certain failure’..than to jump into a new way of working when we cannot be sure it will succeed’.


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