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dissertation代写 Research Methods

dissertation代写 Research Methods




dissertation代写 Research Methods

During interviews, a Sony Business-coder mini-cassette will be used to record the interviews with the awareness of the interviewees. Different types of music such as Ragtime, Moonlight Sonata, Hard Blues and Mozart music will have to be prepared to play as background music during the lessons in classroom. A class test paper regarding the lessons that the participants will be learnt throughout the whole semester. A sample of the questions (as refer to Appendix 1) that will be asked in attempt to obtain their views regarding the integration of music in the classroom will be provided in the Appendix section.

As this is a non-experimental design, an ex post facto study will be carried out. Although ex post facto is similar to an experiment, the independent variable (IV) is not manipulated. The variables to be studied will be selected after they have occurred. Thus, a qualitative study will be also conducted in this research. Interviews will be carried out in order to gain some insights from these participants about their views on the integration of music in the classroom before the class test is being carried out. Questions such as how they feel when they are listening to background music during classes and how loud the background music should being played during the class will be asked during the interview session. Researches will have to carry out some tasks regarding interview, observing, participating in social and musical activities.

Different types of music will be played during the lessons for a semester in the classroom. At the end of the semester, a class test regarding that lesson will be given to the participants. The results of the class test will be recorded and tabulated in the Result session for further observation purpose. The researcher will conduct informal and unstructured interviews with the participants. A set of questions will be asked by the researcher to the participants during the interview. Appendix 1 is the sample of the questions. Each interview will be assumed to last for an hour. Researcher will encourage the participants to engage in talks that are relating to the integration of music in the classroom.



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