Wollongong卧龙岗代写assignment 一次早上散步an early morning walk

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    One morning I got up very early and everything around was very quiet. Trees,grasses,and sidewalks were still covered with fresh dew. The sun was just rising out of the horizon, emitting streaks of red hue through clouds. I thought that I was an early bird and could enjoy the fresh air of the early morning alone. Taking a walk in the park and breathing fresh air was the idea. Therefure,I began to walk towards the park.    However, when I arrived at the park, I fimnd, to my surprise, that there were so many people there. Men and women of all ages were taking exercise in various ways. Some were doing morning exercises,while others were jogging up and down the gravel path around the lake. Young people were playing tennis. Elderly people were playing sword or practising shadow boxing.    Deeply moved by what I saw, I joined them. While chatting with them I became aware of the advantages of physical exercises. They are conducive to health, stimulating blood circulation, decelerating aging and prolonging life. Therefore, it is obvious that taking early morning walks makes a man healthy and wise.