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英文论文 大学毕业生应该创业还是就业?should graduates be business or employment

Should College Graduates Start Their Own Business?




  Should College Graduates Start Their Own Business?


  With the competition in the job market becoming increasingly fierce for college graduates, some ambitious students have tried their hands at launching their own businesses. Over the years, there have been many successful cases of student entrepreneurship and such attempts should be encouraged and promoted by both the universities and the society at large.


  College students who start businesses are pioneers, among whom will be born China’s future business leaders. Faced with unknown challenges, they are audacious enough to embark on a perilous journey while most of their peers enjoy stable salaries by working as white-collars at high-end office buildings. Nevertheless, they are the masters of their own destiny and, exposed to many more uncertainties and setbacks, they develop perseverance, stamina and the indomitable spirit that are indispensible to all the great entrepreneurs. Even if they fail, they are not down; they keep exploring for new business opportunities and work tirelessly until they succeed. As people of vision, of individual initiative, of leadership, and of creativity and innovation, they represent the future and the hope of a nation.


  Not all college graduates are suitable for undertaking entrepreneurial projects. To launch a business, one needs to have a sound business idea, a viable business plan, the charisma to create a cohesive team where members make concerted efforts for a common objective, effective managerial skills, and above all, the courage to compete against powerful rivals and ultimately to prevail. The essential difference between the students who become civic servants in government organizations or employees at leading domestic or multinational companies and those who create their own businesses is that the former are docile followers whereas the latter are aggressive trailblazers. For this reason, business-launching college graduates are more admirable, and thus they command our deep respect. 

  并非所有的大学毕业生都适合去从事创业项目。要想创业,必须要有一个好的商业点子,一个可行的商业规划,非凡的个人魅力以形成一个有凝聚力的团队,使团队成员们步调一致地去奋力实现共同的目标,以及有效的管理才华; 尤其是,需要有敢于与最强劲对手展开竞争、并最终取得胜利的勇气。那些成为政府机构里的公务员的学生,或者那些成为本土大企业或跨国公司的雇员的学生,与那些自己进行创业的学生相比,最本质的差别在于,前者是温顺的追随者,而后者则是奋发进取的探路者。正是基于这一原因,创业的大学毕业生们更令人钦佩,也因而赢得了我们深深的敬意。



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