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In recent years, because of various reasons, almost all college students are interested in obtaining various cetificates. Just randomly ask a student on campus what he or she is busy doing, quite possible, you may get the answer that he is preparing for the exam of a certificate of some kind. Why does obtaining a certificate become so popular?


As far as I am concerned, there are threemain reasons. To begin with, it is the employment pressure that urges college students to get certificates. With the admission expansion of colleges,  the job market is very competitive. Graduates hope that get more certificates to get more chances. Moreover, diploma and certificateds are still vital standards by which a good many employers measure a person's ability. Therefore, in order to increase their competitiveness, students have to get several certificates at hand and use them as astepping-stone to job. Finally, in order to make money,many education and training institutionsencourage students to participate in training courses to obatain certificates.


From my point of view, it's good for college students to have some certificates if they are sure what they would do in the future, because students can get knowledge during the preparation. But crazy in getting certificates blindly is not encouraged. It will be nothing but wasting time. In short, we should focus on improving ability but not on how many certificates we get.


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