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The wise meaning like smart . Being a good and efficient leader usually means that they necessary to make requirements of all the key points to their own organization . A good and efficient leader having the knowledge to make the correct call and they will make sure the crucial is the successful way to their own organization . A good and efficient leader must have strategic , wise and perceptive to make sure it will bring them to successful way and bring they a lot of advantage to their own company or their organization . The passionate is meaning warm-hearted . A good and efficient leader is a very passionate person . Why a good and efficient leader is a very passionate person because they can give he or she group or team member a good image . Make their member do not fell stressful .They are intensely obsessed in whatever they are focused on . It could be business , sports or a hobby , these individuals are intensely focused . They operate with such a high level of passion that they get consumed in it . They take action . Compassion meaning is sympathy . A good and efficient leader are sympathy by supporter or their employees or their group member . The good and efficient leader have great guidance and skill development . Although some person was the target of these leaders to achieve personal support them and they have to take care . They not only their own selfish ideas and personal needs . Most of the people to follow their hearts .The fifth is charismatic , it meaning is attractive . Nowadays have a lot of charm of good and efficient leaders . Their fascinating individuals , they tend to personalize it with your own people in . This may be the way they talk , the way they carry themselves . They are goods between the building and demanded from the performance of their peers .


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