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A mentee’s main aim is to expand his knowledge and learn new skills. This is facilitated by the mentorship program whereby the mentee has the opportunity to get advice from someone who has much more experience is an invaluable opportunity. A mentee will find that mentors tend to make things much clearer than they were before. Due to the mentor-mentee relationship, the mentee is able to feel more secure as he knows the mentors is there to genuinely offer him help and is primarily there to help the mentee learn from his mistakes. Thus it can be said that this is grooming of the mentee in order to help him achieve specific goals or tasks. Thus it can be clearly seen that the mentee is learning new skills and gaining experience from the mentor. In general the mentee role is crucial as the mentor himself is able to learn more about his own mistakes from the mentee. Thus, it seems the mentor-mentee relationship is of a symbiotic nature in which each benefit the other.


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