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国外论文格式 英语口语测试之我见my view on spoken english test

It is a common phenomenon that studentshave to take oral English test during college. Some people think that it isnecessary for them to have oral test so that they can have a certification toprove themselves. But for some people, they believe that we shouldn’t have oraltest for it is a waste of time. For me, I think spoke English test is anecessary for students. Reasons are listed below.


Firstly, oral English test can helpstudents to improve their oral ability. If we don’t have oral test, then 90% ofstudents wouldn’t force themselves to practice spoken English. But if we havesuch kind of oral test, then students must spare some time to practicing oralEnglish. By this way, they can improve their language ability a lot.


Secondly, oral English encourage students’ability to communicate with foreign people. For most Chinese students, theyhave little chance to talk with people from abroad. Quite often, most studentscan just read and write English language, but lack the ability to speak. Iforal test is a necessary, then students would like to chat with their friendeveryday, gradually, their oral skills will be strengthened. If they meetforeign people, they can speak English fluently and know how to communicatewith foreigners.


All in all, oral English test is good forstudents to improve their oral skills so we should support oral English test.


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