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国外论文网站 夏日健康提示 tips for summer health

Since the weather becomes hotter it has greatly influenced on people’s daily lives. People can not eat well and sleep well in such hot days. Summer health is a problem we should attach importance to. Here are some tips that we hope can be useful for you.


To begin with, top priority should be given to the heart for staying healthy in summer. Due to the hot weather, people tend to become unsettled and short-tempered that is obviously not good for health. Therefore, maintaining a tranquil mood is of great importance for staying healthy in summer. Secondly, have a good rest. Summer is a hot season with long days. Accordingly, people should go to bed early and rise early. And people may have little appetite, sleep less and be in low spirits, so a one-hour nap after lunch is of great benefit to people’s health. Furthermore, indigestion can easily occur in summer, so a light and less greasy diet is strongly recommended. Besides, drinking more water or juice is important, especially after sweating profusely. Remember never take too much cold food or fruit, for it can result in abdominal distension and indigestion. Finally, sports are good for health. In hot weather, because long-time exercise in the sun can bring on sunstroke, it’s advised to exercise in the cool early morning or evening. Outdoor walking, jogging after getting up or swimming is strongly recommended.


Besides the tips discussed above, the following should be noticed too. Do not turn electric fans to too high a setting. Do not sleep in the open air at night. Remember to bring an umbrella or wear a hat when going out. Avoid exposing yourself to powerful sunlight.


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