MS Access Assignment 代写:帝国主义与帝国政治政治论文的界定

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MS Access Assignment 代写:帝国主义与帝国政治政治论文的界定





MS Access Assignment 代写:帝国主义与帝国政治政治论文的界定

For understand the features of imperial politics in globalization, we should realize what imperialism is first. Nowadays, Most studies definite imperialism as Lenin did. In the Lenin (1916) pointed out that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism which will become extinct after finish imperialism stage. Through analysis the feature of imperial economics, Lenin (1916) said that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism, which has two main features - one of feature is that finance capital is the bank capital of a few very big monopolist banks, merged with the capital of the monopolist associations of industrialist; the other features is that the division of the world which is the transition from a colonial policy which has extended without hindrance to territories unsealed by any capitalist power, to a colonial policy of monopolist possession of the territory of the world, which has already been completely divided up.

Although some other people do not agree with this definition. Amin(2001) argued that Imperialism is not a stage, not even the highest stage, of capitalism: from the beginning, it is inherent in capitalism's expansion and the world may become into two main parts: US and Europe.

Through the analysis above, it is can be clearly see that the imperialism is a process of capitalism which related to Colonia and Post-Colonia. The countries which in this process have an obvious feature that expands to other countries for gaining more resources and profits.

As the development of globalization, the features of imperial politics have reflected into three main aspects: economic, culture and military. In the economic aspect, imperial countries make use of global situation for collecting resources and opening a wide world market. Then achieve the profits through rebuilt the world financial system. Another part is imperial politics on culture. The countries which are not powerful enough that has been enforced to agree with the imperial culture. Otherwise they perhaps will have a war with imperial countries. Finally, the features of military are that protecting imperial countries interests and built the rules of the world with the power.