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加拿大代写essay 手机 mobile phone

Nowadays, mobile phone is so popular that has become a necessity in daily life. A mobile phone is not only a tool for communication, but also a symbol of fashion.

A mobile phone has so many functions that makes our life convenient and joyous. For one thing, it’s easy to carry, so we can make phone calls and send messages whenever and wherever possible. For another, it can be used as a computer as well. We can surf on the internet and get some latest news through mobile phones. What’s more, some mobile phones also contain the functions of digital cameras and digital players, so that we can enjoy ourselves in our spare time.

However, every coin has two sides. There are also some disadvantages of mobile phones. On one hand, as most students have their mobile phones, they always concentrate on their mobile phones, but pay little attention to their study, which is not a good phenomenon. On the other hand, if our mobile phones ring when we focus on one thing, we may feel irritated. Moreover, many people always lose their mobile phones, because bad guys are everywhere. A mobile phone costs a lot of money. When we lose our mobile phones, we may feel so upset.

While the way I see it, a mobile phone is only a mobile phone, a tool for communication. We needn’t to buy a very luxurious mobile phone. Holding a mobile phone, the following points we should pay attention to. Firstly, we should use them properly. Secondly, we shouldn’t compare our mobile phones with others’. Furthermore, we must take care of our mobile phones when we are outside.

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