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科技论文写作 住处的选择choosing living place

Livingplace is essential to people’s life. However, when asked the question what isthe better place do you want to live, different people have different opinions.Somepeople choose to live in city because the living standards in the city are muchhigher than in the countryside. What’s more, there are more chances ofemployment and you can find a suitable job for yourself. Last but not least, inbig cities you and your children can receive better education.


On the other hand, some people preferliving in countryside because of the fresh air and quite living condition. In the modern society, many people are ingreat pressure because of the fierce competition. As for these people,countryside life is a good choice for them to relax and be healthy.


For me, I wouldlike to live in big city. Firstly, I will graduate next year and in the bigcity I can have more chances to find a suitable job. Secondly, in the big city,there are many entertainment and public service such as swimming pool and park.Thirdly, as we all know, friend is very important and in big city, I can makesfriends with people from different countries and regions which can enrich mylife. Therefore, I like the city life.




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