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论文参考文献 祖父母 孙儿 grandparents and grandchildren

It is reported that about 70% of peoplewill leave their children to their parents to raise because they are so busywith their work and have no time to take care of their children, that is,grandparents take the responsibility to raise grandchildren. This phenomenonhas caused lots of disputes because some people think children living withgrandparents will develop egotism. In my opinion, leaving children to theirgrandparents has more disadvantages than advantages. Reasons are listed below.


Firstly, grandparents tend to spoilchildren. Grandparents will satisfy all the requirements of their grandchildrenbecause they are too love their grandchildren to turn their grandchildren down.So children will get whatever they want and if not, they would be bad tempered.


Secondly, staying with grandparents,children will easily develop egotism. As grandparents would do everythingaround their grandchildren’s need, gradually, those children will believe thatno people would against their wills and abide by their words and ask others todo what they want and don’t think about other people’s feelings.


In conclusion, it isn’t good for ourchildren to stay with their grandparents for grandparents will spoil childrenwhich make children bad tempered. Besides, it may be inevitable for children todevelop egotism by staying with their grandparents. For the long run, parentsshould raise their children themselves and teach them in a good way.


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