MYOB paper 代写 手机如何改变我们的生活 how does cell phone changes our life

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Cell phone is so cheap that almost all people can afford it. Whenever you go,you see people hold cell phones listening to music, talking on the phone,chatting with their friends by mobile QQ or sending video clip by micromessages. Our life style has changed enormously because of the widespread ofmobile phones.


First of all, mobile phones change the waywe communicate with others. In the past, we contact with our families, relatives and friend bywriting letters or just go to certain area to make a phone call. However, if wewant to contact with them, all we need to do is to take out our cell phone,dial numbers and then we can reach them in a minute.


Secondly, the way we contact with our friendsis various. For most cell phones, we can download lots of software such as QQ,MSN, and micro message and so on to contact with our friends quite often andknow their latest information.


Thirdly, by cell phone, we can take photosand locate ourselves easily. All cell phones have photo taking function. We cantake photos anywhere we want and don’t need to take our camera. Besides, if weare lost, we can use cell phones to locate ourselves to help us to get theright direction.


In conclusion, cell phones change our life greatly.


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