paper代写 表达我们的情感 expressing our emotions

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The biggest difference between animals andhuman beings is that human beings hold the possession of complex emotions.People are capable of thinking of whether the case is right or wrong. Therefore,it is obvious that different people have different thoughts.


I want to point out that choosing a rightway to express our emotions is very significant. In our daily life, there arelots of people used to hiding their inner true feelings. They don’t know how toexpress their feelings, and they are afraid of being embarrassed, when theyspeak out their true words.


As for familial affection, sometimes we maymeet terrible solutions among the family members. Expressing personal emotionin right way is the key to deal with the problems. At first, we must have anice attitude to prepare to relieve the tension. In fact, because there aremany words in our heart, we need to speak out them loudly. Then we should learnhow to communicate with each other. Good communication skills will lead ouremotions expressing to the best condition. Finally, we need to put down all thenegative emotions, and open our heart to sincerely express our inner feelingsand listen to the words carefully.


To be honest, life of human being is soshort, so we should catch every chance to treat our family, friends and otherpeople with a true heart. Surely, we should bravely express our emotions to dowith the trivial things in our daily life. Thus, our life will be moremeaningful.


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