Wellington 惠灵顿 assignment 代写 如何与孩子沟通 how to communicate with kids

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As the saying that every family has their issues, the most common issue between families is the communication between parents and children. Most kids would not like to talk about their happiness and sorrow with their parents, they think their parents never really understand them. If the parents want to have nice talk with their kids, they must try to be the kids’ friends.

The problem why the kids would not like to talk things with their parents is that the parents always treat their kids as the small ones, so when the kids want to try something they are interested, the parents’ first reaction is to deny the children’s trying, and tell them to do this is na?ve. As the parents always judge what their kids do with their viewpoint, the children feel frustrated and don’t want to talk to their parents gradually.

The parents should listen to their kids more, it is better not to give the children judgment right now, to be the kids’ friends will help promote the communication. So when the children tell their plans or interesting things, the parents should just listen to them.