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英文论文代写价格 余额宝之我见 my view on yue bao

Alipay’s YuE Bao as an online payment platform in China, is rapidly gaining popularity among online retailers and shoppers. This service allows any unused balance. As far as I am concerned, YuE Bao is benefit to us.

First, YuE Bao is designed to offer a flexible option for small investors, which is more convenient than traditional banks. On one hand, people can put some of their unused fund in a YuE Bao account and are free to withdraw anytime. On the other hand, they can either choose to transfer from their unusual funds from Alipay as well as transfer money from a bank account for free. Second, it is a best way to invest online for a short term. What’s more, you do not need spend much time to use it as long as you have a computer.

There is no doubt that I like the online payment platform, since there are too many benefits that outnumber its disadvantages, so we should make full use of it.

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