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英文润色 有必要存钱吗? is it necessary to save money for the future

There is a popular saying, “money is not almighty, but without it you can do nothing.” Money is necessary in our life. Some people treasure it very much, so they save it. However, some people think it is important just because it can bring lots of benefit for them, so they use up their money to exchange what they want. Which living style is better? Do you think it is necessary for us to save money for the future? In my opinion, saving money is necessary. Reasons are as follow. 


First of all, saving money is helpful to deal with the unexpected things happen in the future. The future is unknown. We are not sure that we won’t meet any unexpected things, which need money to solve in the future. If we have save some money in our daily life, we can deal with such kind of problem easily when they are happen, instead of worrying and doing nothing. What’s more, sometimes saving money can bring you happiness. When you have save some money, you can make some surprise for your life or improve your life quality. Even you can use your saving money to help other people who are in need. You will be happy from such kind of things. 


In a word, it is better to save money properly than not. Sometimes your life will be different with the saving money. Save happiness for yourself!




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