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怎么写report 家庭软暴力 soft family violence

With the development of city civilization,family violence seems already went out of our sight. While we are celebratingthat kids are not getting hurt in family violence, there is damage way appears.This kind of way will not hurt child physically, but spiritual. We call thatsoft violence, which means hurting people with words.

Ican see that most parents still not understand what does soft violence means,they usually think that beating kids is violence, but soft violence, they haveno idea. For instance, most parents would say the word to kids like “You haveto study hard, or you will not find a good job. And if you don’t have a goodjob, how could you suppose to wait on and support us when we are getting old?”does it sound familiar to you? The words like thatwill cause serious psychological burden to young little kids, and they wouldstudy every hard and ignore their health, while they are in the high stress toworry about they will not find a good job, and have no ability to support theirold parents, that would become a black sheep.

Inaddition, “you classmate is better than you in math or English, why would youdo an excellent job just like them?” this kind of word will hurt kid’s esteemdeeply. They might think that they are never good enough for their parents, andit will probably lead to depressive disorder.

Therefore, when parents teach children, they should not only usephysical violence but also not soft violence, because the damage of both violenceis equal.



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