conclusion怎么写 中国建党日 the china communist party day

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In 1941, The Communist Party of China had decided that July 1st is the China Communist Party Day. As we all know, the communist party of China is China's vanguard of the working class as well as the vanguard of the Chinese nation. CPC is the core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, on behalf of the development of China's advanced productive forces, represent the direction of Chinese advanced culture, represent the fundamental interests of most people in China. The party's highest ideal and ultimate goal is to realize communism. 


We are all proud of the historic achievements of the Party and the people. The Chinese people firmly advocate the leadership of Chinese communist party. Under the China communist party leadership, the Chinese people and our country have made great changes. The CPC is loading implementation the Chinese nation is great revived historical mission. At this moment, our people live in a better life and a better society. As a student, I think we should study harder and make contribution to our country. Only in this way, we can make our Chinese dream come true. 我们对建党以来所取得的伟大成就感到骄傲自豪。中国人民坚定不移的拥护中国共产党。在中国共产党的领导下,我国的人民和国家发生了巨大变化。中国共产党负担着实现中华民族的伟大复兴。在这一刻,我们的人民生活变得更好,社会也变得更好。作为一名学生,我认为我们应该更加的努力学习,为我们的国家做贡献。只有这样,我们才能实现我们的中国梦。