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加拿大魁北克论文代写: 全球化恐怖主义迁移


加拿大魁北克论文代写: 全球化恐怖主义迁移

Like Marrar’s work, the powerful award-winning video documentary by Omeish and Omeish (2007), also exposes the historical roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the time of the World War to the current acts of aggression. In contrast to Marrar however, the film works more from the perspective of the people and not from the states. The film talks about the historic event which lead to the migration of waves of Jews in the current Israeli soil and life life under Israeli military rule, which includes the violence and massacres Palestinians had to endure. More significantly and in relation to the study of globalization, it discussed the role of the Britain and the United States in worsening of the conflict. It showed how support of superpowers to particular nations in conflict worsens territorial wars. In relation to Kelleher and Klein’s input. it shows how the dominance of the global unity perspective opposes the quest for cultural pluralism which supposedly encourages cultural tolerance.


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