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暴食症是当一个人经历频繁发作的控制饮食。暴食者不清洗自己的身体多余的卡路里(DeAngelis,t .无日期)。他们扭曲了对饮食的态度、形状和重量,以及情绪抑郁和人格障碍等症状。这种疾病影响大约2%的普通人群和8%的人肥胖(DeAngelis,2002)。暴食症定义为一个失控的时候吃。暴食者消耗大量的不健康的食物在短时间内,但是不参与任何坏的减肥行为后狂欢情节。暴食症通常罢工的个人之间的青少年和二十出头。暴食症患者大多是超重或肥胖。(暴饮暴食,2013)。进食障碍的因素有很多:个人特征、精神障碍,文化,家庭,生活压力事件或变化,生物学和自尊的问题。一些个人特征进食障碍患者患有一种无助的感觉,毫无价值,可怜的形象,也可能患有抑郁症或焦虑。饮食失调的青少年感到羞愧,对他们的身体厌恶和愤怒。障碍是发达的年轻人使用应对策略问题,太痛苦的讨论。他们用他们的身体来发挥出他们所面临的问题,通常的控制问题,性,分离和自尊。(让女人更健康地生活,2010)。


Binge eating disorder is when a person experiences frequent episodes of out of control eating. Binge eaters do not purge their bodies of excess calories (DeAngelis, T. n.d.). They have distorted attitudes about eating, shape and weight, as well as mood symptoms such as depression and personality disorders. The disorder affects around 2 % of the general population and 8 % of people who are obese (DeAngelis, 2002). Binge eating disorder is defined by a loss of control when it comes to eating. The binge eater consumes large amounts of unhealthy food in a short time frame, but does not engage in any bad weight lose behaviors after the binge episodes. Binge eating disorder usually strikes individuals between adolescence and their early twenties. Most binge eating disorder patients are overweight or obese. (Binge-eating disorder, 2013). There are many contributing factors to eating disorder: personal characteristics, mental disorders, culture, family, stressful events or life changes, biology and self-esteem issues. Some personal characteristic people with eating disorders suffer from are a feeling of helplessness, worthlessness, poor self-image and may also suffer from depression or anxiety. Teens who develop eating disorders feel shame, disgust and anger about their body. The disorder is developed as a strategy that young people use to cope with problems that are too painful to talk about. They use their bodies as a way to play out issues they face, usually issues of control, sexuality, separation and self-esteem. (Empowering women to live healthier lives, 2010).


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