Marketing Assignment 代写:竞争环境分析

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Marketing Assignment 代写:竞争环境分析

帝亚吉欧是一个非常大的规模,是世界领先的饮料公司在大不列颠,爱尔兰,加拿大,美国的制造业务,西班牙,意大利,非洲,拉丁美洲的美国、澳大利亚、印度和加勒比地区以及办公室遍布世界30个国家中180个国家的贸易。帝亚吉欧称为顶级的饮料公司与£240亿市值。该公司通过优秀的生产和贸易的饮料展示了其成功,在全球范围内运作,使该公司获得其知名度和第一号。通过在全球范围内运作,该公司能够管理一个高效和有利可图的业务。(Diageo PLC,2013)

公司成立前1759中由一个名叫Arthur Guinness他收购了都柏林啤酒厂。帝亚吉欧的成功故事开始了多年来的发展和成长的几个阶段,在。每一阶段需要购买一个新的品牌。公司进入他们收购的公司杜鲁门Hanbury酿造业后,这样公司1971和1973之间。这是公司发展和创造公司以及其他公司如酿酒有限公司Arthur Bell父子创建联合酿酒集团合并合并收购的几例。使用这个策略是在开始发展帝亚吉欧并最终建立1997帝亚吉欧公司。



Marketing Assignment 代写:竞争环境分析

Diageo operates on a very large scale, being the worlds leading drinks company with manufacturing operations in Great Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Africa, Latin America, Australia, India and the Caribbean as well as trading in 180 countries with office all over the world in 30 countries. Diageo is known as the top beverages company with market capitalisation of £24 billion. The company has demonstrated its success through outstanding production and trade of drinks, operating globally has allowed the company to earn its popularity and to be number one. By operating globally the company was able to manage an efficient and profitable business. ( Diageo Plc, 2013)

The company was established first in 1759 by a man named Arthur Guinness as he acquired a brewery in Dublin. Diageo's success story started then and developed throughout the years by several stages of development and growth throughout. Every stage required the purchase of a new brand. After the company entered the brewing industry they acquired the company Truman Hanbury, and Buxton Ltd between 1971 and 1973. This is an example of the several acquisitions of companies to develop and create Diageo as well as merging with other companies such as the merge of Distillers Company Ltd with Arthur Bell and Sons to create United Distillers. This strategy was used in the beginning to develop Diageo and finally establish the Diageo company in 1997.

The company's main strategy is to focus on premium drinks to grow its business through organic sales and operating profit growth and the acquisition of premium drinks brands that add value for shareholders.

Diageo seeks to be at the forefront of industry efforts to promote responsible drinking and works with other stakeholders to combat alcohol misuse. Diageo's approach is based on three principles: combating alcohol misuse; setting world-class standards for responsible marketing and innovation; and promoting a shared understanding of what responsible drinking means in order to reduce alcohol-related harm