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华盛顿论文代写 雾霾带来的警示the warning of the haze


Sincethe development of the technology, the society gets modernized, people make useof the high technology to pursue more profit. Though the government has noticedthe problem that people do to the environment, they still can’t prevent negativeresult that the polluted environment brings.


Manyyears ago, the most prominent problem of the polluted environment is that theriver and the water were changed their color, some fish even died for thepolluted river. Now the situation becomes ever worse, lately, in the big city,like Beijing and Shanghai, people are annoyed by the bad weather. It is not therainy day, but the haze around the sky, there is no way for people to run awayfor it. The haze contains toxic elements, people breathe it and hurt theirbodies.


Thehaze problem is the result of people’s pursuit for the profit, what people didto the environment now has been paid back by the environment. Now people haverealized the revenge from the nature is so huge, protecting the environment isthe main task. No matter how bad the environment is, people still need to do somethingto fix their mistake.




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