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论文代写价格 大学里创业值得吗? is it worthwhile to do business at college

College days are important stages. It’s important for college students to spend this period of time on academic development as well as on social skills. Therefore, many students are doing business in their leisure time. Some people are supportive of it, while others hold the opposite view. I am favor of the former.


Doing business at college has got more advantages than disadvantages. The first reason is that by doing business at college students can earn some money to pay their daily expenditure so that reduce the financial burden of their parents. Secondly, doing business is a good social practice. Those who have gained some experience at college in the field of business will prove more competitive in getting employed after graduation. Of course, it is undeniable that doing business is quite risky sometimes. You may lose some money and a lot of time.


From the above-mention points, we can conclude that doing business at college is worthwhile only if one can keep a good balance between study and business.




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