report conclusion怎么写 校服是否应该取消 should the school uniform be canceled

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Nowadays, there is a general discussionabout the issue of canceling the school uniform or not. Different people hold differentviews on this problem. Some people think it is traditional for students to wearuniform before they go to university, while the rest of them think in recentdecades things has changed.


People who approve of school uniform areparents and teachers. In the first place, they consider the uniform as a signof students, which shows some one’s identity. It also so could remind studentof who they are, and study is their first duty. In the second place, oncestudents wear school uniform, they will feel the sense of collectivity formschool, and it might help teachers to manage them easily.


Students are the biggest objector to schooluniform. They have two reasons to support their opinion. Firstly, almost all ofthe school uniforms are very ugly, some of them are of inferior quality, it isnot the matter of personal image now, but it is the problem of personal health.Secondly, school uniform means once you wear it, there will be lots of otherslooks just like you in school. Students was deprived of personality, it is notgood for them to develop their creativity. Therefore, the school uniform shouldbe canceled.


To speak frankly, taking all these factorsinto account, school uniforms have drawbacks as well as merits. However, it isvery likely that students will continue to wear uniform.



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