thesis statement怎么写 关于自学self-education

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When finishing the high school course, not every student has the chance or ability to go to college. Some students choose to seek a job, start their own business or pursue other interest. However, for some students who want to get further education, they choose self-education, self-education is no better than university studies.

On the one hand, self-education lacks of a well-defined structure. In the school, the teacher will make some plans for students’ studies; they plan the target, the fulfillment of expectation and assessment of the program. With these, students can know their own flaws, making progress gradually. While self-learners may lose themselves, they have no test, no homework and no exam; it is hard for them to know how to get improved.

On the other hand, self-education doesn’t provide the environment which students can learn from each other. College provides students the stage to communicate with others, making friends; students can also have the chance to enhance the ability of team work and readership. Those abilities are very important for students, when they are finding a job, they have the advantages.

Self-education is a way of gaining knowledge; I prefer to study in college, because I like to communicate with friends. Though self-education can’t take place for university studies, we can choose to learn elective courses in that way.

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