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新西兰代写assignment 避免电话和电子邮件欺诈的途径之一 one way to avoid telephone and e-mail frauds

 While many types of frauds exist at present, telephone and e-mail frauds are two inexpensive and popular methods for criminals distributing deceitful messages to potential victims. A great many of people’s processions are lost annually and the losses continue to escalate. How can we protect ourselves from telephone and e-mail frauds? In my opinion, one way to avoid the frauds is to protect our personal information and never let it leak out.


Most frauds are carried out by criminals trying to obtain access to our personal information such as account numbers and passwords. For example, you may receive a fake e-mail saying that you have won the lottery or got a lucky number, or you get a phone call or an e-mail asking you to call a given number to cancel an expensive service you did not subscribe to. In such cases, we must be very careful and do not trust any unknown sources asking for personal information by e-mail or by phone. Never respond to them. You won’t receive any riches, and in fact you may get into legal trouble if you get involved in one of these scams.

大部分罪犯实施的诈骗都是试图获得我们的个人信息,如账号和 密码。比如,你可能会收到假邮件说你中了彩票或者得到一个幸运号码,或者你会接到电话或者邮件叫你拨打一个号码取消定制的一项昂贵的服务。在这种情况下,我们必须小心,不要相信任何未知来源的邮件或短信问你个人信息。不要回复他们。你不会得到任何财富,而且,如果你被卷入这些欺诈中,你实际上可能会陷入麻烦。

On the whole, we must be aware of the tricks of telephone and e-mail frauds. Criminals are usually after our private information. They want to trick us into giving away private information either by calling them or handing it over online. Therefore, look before you leap and keep your personal information safe.






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